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Ultrapure Water Distribution System

The distribution of ultrapure water to the individual tapping points is carried out by piping systems with special fittings, for example valves or pipe connections. Three different distribution systems are available:

  • Ring piping (or loop) system: here, the water is routed past the tapping points and back to the tank. All hydraulic resistors and tapping points are arranged one behind the other. The ring line system is the classic system for distributing ultrapure water.
  • Parallel line system: Here, the volume flow is distributed into several flow branches arranged in parallel. This is particularly advantageous for large, complex systems, as many consumers with correspondingly large volume flows can be supplied in this way. The design and operation are associated with major problems.
  • Stub line system: This is only flowed through in the case of withdrawal. When there is no withdrawal, the water stands within the distribution system. It is therefore unsuitable for the microbiological requirements of ultrapure water systems and should be modified.

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