Safe and accurate – our calibration service

mobile calibration service by planttech
Calibration of your system on site

We are very meticulous when it comes to your production systems: Our calibration service takes care that all relevant variables are visualized and logged and that your production runs without problem and all quality standards are met.

We are systematically guided by the requirements of your production processes. We ensure that only measuring and testing instruments are used that can be traced back to reference standards.


Our calibration service is doing good jobs in the following areas, for example:

  • Kalibrierung der kompletten Messkette vom Sensor bis zum Anzeige- oder Registriergerät
  • Calibration of the complete measuring chain from sensors to the display and recording devices
  • Extensive logging of each measuring point and the procedure adopted for calibration
  • Detailed assessment of each measuring point
  • Submission of a final report on the calibration performed
  • Awarding of test seals for calibrated measuring instruments
  • Management and fixing of inspection and calibration dates
  • Support during audits and inspections