Based on know-how and experience – our installation services

Welding at Planttech
Assembly of system elements

Your system is beginning to take shape – whether installed in our factory or at your place. We use professional equipment and apply latest process and instrumentation equipment.

We assure the quality of the system we build for you to the minutest detail. This applies equally also to the removal of obsolete or the installation of new parts of plants or of complete plants.


Based on know-how and experience – our installation services:


  • Orbital welding equipment with closed weld head and related weld documentation
  • Tungsten inert gas manual welding units
  • Residual oxygen meters
  • Endoscopic devices, on request with video or image analyzer
  • Ferrite concentration meters
  • Peak-to-valley height meters with recording function
  • Containers for installation work on site
  • GF saws
Planttech-Ansprechpartner Aydeger

Saim Aydeger