Ultrapure water storage and distribution system

Ultrapure water storage system reference photo

The AP ring system consists of a storage vessel holding 5,500 liters and two ring distribution systems. Water is fed to the vessel by water treatment plants. Form the storage vessel, the water is pumped into two distribution pipelines by a controlled pump. The ring pump is redundant.

Catalytic ozone generators add ozone to part of the pumped water. In this way, the vessel and the distribution pipelines feeding the ozone generators is constantly supplied with ozone. The second distribution line carries most of the water flow and distributes the AP to the different tapping points. An ultraviolet radiator decomposes the ozone contained in the water.

Several manually operated or automatically actuated tapping points are provided in the further coursed of the ring. Some of the automatic tapping points are actuated by the equipment unit and machines that require the water.

The required pressure in the return line flow to the storage vessel is built by a spring-loaded pressure holding valve. The flow is provided by the pump, which operates on a fixed value. Also installed in the return line to the storage vessel are a refrigerating device and a heater. These units reduce / raise the temperature of the AP to setpoint level, as required.

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