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Ultrapure systems: Storage and distribution

a storage container with a useful volume of 5,500 liters and two ring distribution systems. The feeding of the container is done via water treatment plants. From the storage container, the water is conveyed via a controllable pump in the two distribution lines. The ring pump is redundant.

Catalytic ozone generators displace a subset of the pumped water with ozone. The container and the distribution line for supplying the ozone generators is thus always exposed to ozone. The second distribution line absorbs the larger volume flow and distributes the AP to the individual extraction points. A UV-emitter decomposes the ozone contained in the water.

In the further course of the ring there are several manually operated or automatically controlled tapping points. The automatic tapping points are partly controlled by the extracting systems and machines.

In return to the storage container, a spring-loaded pressure retention valve accumulates the required pressure in the system. The flow rate required for this purpose is achieved via the fixed-value pump. Also in the return to the storage container are a cooler and a heater. This lowers the temperature of the AP to a desired set point.

Storage-, Product-Preparation- & Process-Systems

storage, mixing tanks, storage tanks, filtration and bulk storage tanks with product transfer module (filler).

The system parts are cleaned using a CIP system. The connections between the plant components are pipelines that run over coupling panels, where the connections and the valves must be made and switch by hand.

These systems / plant components are controlled by four PLC systems and can be operated and monitored by five control cabinets with touch panels.

Manufacture of Reservoirs, Tanks and Containers

in the pharmaceutical industry.

The containers are equipped with a sterile filter for ventilation, they have a spray ball and are thus CIP-capable. In addition, the containers can be sterilized by pure steam.

The containers themselves and the attached components fulfill all design and material requirements that are set in the pharmaceutical industry.