From the engineering specialist to the full-service provider – our history

Team Planttech Engineering GmbH - Germany 1999
1999: Team Planttech Engineering GmbH, Lünen Germany
Aerial view Planttech Engineering GmbH, Selm Germany
2016: Aerial view Planttech Engineering GmbH, Selm, NRW Germany
Planttech Engineering headquarters Selm (NRW) - aerial photo (2019)
2019: Planttech Engineering headquarters Selm (NRW) - aerial photo with extension 'Hall 6'

The Planttech story starts in 1998 – on only a few square meters floor area. Acting from a basement office, we started providing engineering services to the pharmaceutical industry. Planning plants and systems, developing P&I diagrams, procuring material: this was what we already were familiar with. And we were maintaining links with well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers. Conditions were good to venture the move to independence.

In the course of time, more orders came in and what started as a two-men business grew. Technicians, engineers and admin specialists joined us. In 1999 we purchased a plot of land in Selm-Bork and had today’s main building constructed there. Gradually, we developed from an engineering service firm to a full-service provider, with installation, qualification and comprehensive customer service as new fields – all from a single source.

A plant construction hall was added in 2002 and expanded in 2006. The main building was expanded in 2013 and in 2014 a building for storage and vehicles added.

Our product portfolio also grew constantly: In addition to plant and equipment or the storage and distribution of ultrapure water, we also included, for example, CIP/SIP systems, mixing modules and a number of individual solutions in our portfolio.

A company will always be as good as its employees are: Most in the Planttech team have been onboard for many years; some of them even saw the nascent stages of the company and accompanied us to where we are today. The same can be said of our customers who have put trust in and been loyal to us for many years. They are all part of our success.